News: Russian Pin Ups Raise Political Awareness

Russian Pin Ups Raise Political Awareness

Somewhere in the faraway land of Russia, the female form is used for more than one of the most popular deadly sins. The women pictured below made a pin up calendar to... ahem, arouse... awareness of Russia's social and economic issues by posing in politically-themed cosplay.

Booty for politics, roughly translated by Animal New York

“Is gas still available?”
“New diet: ‘Accessible Housing.’”
“Advertisements in Omsk are ruining all the facades.”
“I live in Neftyanik. Don’t know what to do.”
“I’m too ashamed to show you the state of our repairs.”
“It’s finally my turn to go to kindergarten.”
“Omsk Metro: Neither here nor there.”

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Russian Pin Ups Raise MORE Than Just Political Awareness

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