How To: hogtie a brunette

hogtie a brunette

We solicit your honest response. Truly. We are a nascent community establishing boundaries.

On the one hand, this is a how-to video. Revelatory, step by step, procedural.

On the other it appropriate to our site? Would it be any better if the subject were a man? For sure the advertising around it on the hosting Revver site is low end. For sure we have flagged this as 18+. But, should we index it?

There are plenty of things we reject with clarity such as pornography. This one raises legitimate questions. I would appreciate your studied opinion. Thank you.

Hogtie a person Hojojutsu style in bondage

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I used this one on prom night

I was DirkaDirka's dayte. Trust me, even though I couldn't get free, we had a great time!

Great instructional video. May use this procedure someday.

although somewhat intriguing, i think it is too weird and anti women. would be different if subject was male.

Your technique is extremely dangerous! At no time should a rope be placed around another person throat, the risk for strangulation is too great.

Does this work on Red Heads too?
Halloween Costumes for Fat guys

never use a sliding knot around someones neck, unless you are trying to kill them. this video should be removed before someone not knowing any better harms someone.

Dangerously STUPID - Rope accross the windpipe can KILL

agree with raptic and Mastery 1,.... around the neck? bad move. Plus there is no artistic value to this. Even the arm, hand and feet ties look like something you find on a cattle ranch.

So what sort of knot, tie, whatever would you use for this type of restraint? I'm a rookie but I know about slip knots so help me out here!

Epic fail. Dangerous, very much so. Besides it lacks artistic value and looks uncomfortable.

This video is amazing stupid. Absolutely dangerous to her life ! The video-maker has not even a clue about how to make this right.
1. Rope around her neck: DO YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT THAT WOMAN ?
2. Self-tighten knots - DEADLY - no more words
3. No safety knots between legs and neck - one wrong move could put her into a wheelchair, for ever !
4. single rope loops around arms, wrists and legs may harm her nerves
5. what's if she gets in ecstasy and moves unconscious ?

Dangerous and stupid.

and dangerous

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