HowTo: Screw the President (Well, Sorta)

Screw the President (Well, Sorta)

Whether you're an Obama lover or Obama hater, here's your chance to, ahem, screw him, somewhat literally. The president starred in the recent Sex Culture Festival in the southern city of Guangzhou, China. The screen-printed blow up doll is shown photographed next to his fellow adult toy compatriots.

HowTo: Screw the President (Well, Sorta)

"The picture of the Obama doll, which circulated on the Chinese internet, drew an wide array of responses from Chinese citizens. 'How could they place the US president behind those other poorly-made models. He is the head of a big country, after all,' wrote one anonymous commentator on the Netease internet forum.

HowTo: Screw the President (Well, Sorta)

Mr Obama is widely popular in China, and a 'Maobama' t-shirt, bearing an image of his face crossed with a portrait of Chairman Mao, has become a best-seller."

Not enough Obama for you? There's more. Check out this horrifying Barack shaped dildo or these political condoms.

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