Sex Ed Videos That'll Make You Squirm (Uh... Not Exactly Safe For Work)

Since these incredibly antiquated, embarrassing sex education videos are from the '50's, one might assume they'd be tame enough to openly view on your office cubicle lunch break.

However, these get pretty...awkward... from masturbation to homosexuality to wet dreams to STDs to *ahem*, erections... well, take a look for yourself.

The Ten Most Bizarre Sex Ed videos, via Ranker:


Wow, that brings back memories. The first video was in my sex ed class when I was 10. Mind you I'm 21 now, the video made me laugh back then and still does.

the FULL STORY he will learn more from his "buds" than that "mom" nowdays the inet is far
better than that "mom" .unless you are a hot guy,you may find foreplay a big must!
practice-practice,lots of ..well you do what you find best for you and her.

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