Botox Injected into G-Spot: ABC News

ABC News

So, here's the scoop, ladies (via legitimate news source ABC news, nonetheless!):

"We all know what the little blue pill can do for men, but now ladies, meet the G-shot...

Doctors say the reality is about 40% of women have never had an orgasm during intercourse. And although every woman has a G-Spot, they say most of us don't know where it is, or what to do with it...

Botox Injected into G-Spot: ABC News

The G-shot is usually performed by plastic surgeons or gynocologists. It's a quick injection of collagen-or hyalauranic acid (the same stuff used to plump our lips and fill in wrinkles) just at the base of the bladder. because the G-spot is anatomically tucked away, the goal of the G-shot is to make the G-spot more accessible."

Okay. Sound somewhat outrageous to you? Well, start paying real close attention around three minutes in.

Uh...WAIT, he says WHAT????

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Omg, he said this. And this is the only thing really wrong with this video.

Lovely little double standard there: You can talk about women getting shots up their vagina so they can enjoy penetration and stimulation more for three whole minutes on broadcast television, but mention "penis" and OH HOLY HELL WHAT WAS HE THINKING WHAT AN AWFUL HUMAN BEING HE SHOULD BE FIRED FOR stating what this segment was about. Should he have said "dildo" instead?

i thought botox was swine botulism. isn't that something totally different than collagen injections?

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